Wombo the Wombat
Genre(s) Platforming
Open world
Mode(s) Single-player
Distributor(s) Amazing Games
Publisher(s) Amazing Games
Developer(s) Amazing Games
Writer(s) Sr.Wario
Wombo the Wombat is a 2012 platforming, action-adventure, and open world video game about Wombo, a 10-year-old wombat whose home, Wombat Cove, is attacked, and the Light Stones are stolen by the evil Dr. Enensteeen.


Wombo is a regular wombat relaxing in his home of Wombat Cove, when an evil scientist attacks! The Scientist takes the 5 Light Stones and kidnaps Wombeauty. Wombo, bent on saving his home, teams up with his best friend Piggle to find the Light Stones. They look for one when the Cow Cing points them toward Old McDonald, who has been robbed of his by the evil Enensteen. After collecting the stones, one by one, the heroes finally reach Enensteen. They defeat him, but it was a trap! He steals the Light Stones and uses it to power his Power Armor so he can rule the world. The two build a War Cannon and beat him. Enensteen is then sent flying to Antarctica. Wombeauty becomes Wombo's girlfriend, and everything goes back to normal. However, you can still come back and play!


The game is a open world platformer, where two players, Wombo and Piggle, explore. Wombo can fly and use his sonic screech to attack, while Piggle can sprint up walls, use a charged punch, and preform feets of strength. The game is split up into episodes, inside an open world.


Wombat Cove

Piggy Plains

The Big Snapple

Liberty Island

Enensteen's Moon Base

Arena Island

Troll Jungle (DLC)


Episode 1: A Zero Is Born

Episode 2: Chores and Trials

Episode 3: Troll King

Episode 4: Old Mcdonold

Episode 5: Hearding Pigs

Episode 6: Mecha-Wombat

Episode 7: Car Craze

Episode 8: Life in The Big Snapple

Episode 9: Factory Fails

Episode 10: Doom at the Docks

Episode 11: Titans on the Titanic

Episode 12: Liberty Climb

Episode 13: Secret Base

Episode 14: To the Stars!

Episode 15: Zero Gravity

Episode 16: Into the Moon Base

Episode 17: The End...

Episode 18: ...Or Not

Episode 19: Life or Death

Episode 20: The End....REALLY!

Episode DLC1: Troll Games (DLC)


Troll King (Episode 3)

Mecha-Wombat (Episode 6)

Kraken (Episode 10)

Mecha-Wombat 2.0 (Episode 17)

Power Armor Enensteen (Episode 20)



Foot Troll

Rebel Pig


Moon Crab


Armored Troll

Bigga Pigga

Silver Robo-001


Tiny Titan

Lady Liberty Clones

Hermit Moon Crab



Rocket Launcher Robo

Rare Gold Troll

Doomachine Elite

Moon Monster

Flaming Lady Liberty Clone

Collector's EditionEdit

The Collector's Editon includes a Ninja Skin Code for Wombo and a Soldier Skin code for Piggle. It also comes with a code for 5,000 coins in-game. It comes with a golden case and a Gold Action Figure for Wombo, concept art, and the making of Wombo the Wombat. It costs $79.99.


Troll Trail DLC $15.00


Playable Troll King

Troll Jungle Area

Troll Games Level

Super Skin Pack $5.00


Wombo Skins:



Piggle Skins:



Playable CharactersEdit



Troll King (DLC)