What Have You Done

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21 October 2012 (US)

21 October 2012 (UK)

22 October 2012 (AU)

25 October 2012 (FR)



What Have You Done is a third-person horror shooter by SomeDudeProductions. It is available on Xbox 360, PS3, PSVita, PC and iPad. A version is being made for Wii U to be released in January 2013, titled What Have You Done Regeneration.


Young girl Alice Reinfield decides to return to her hometown, Oaksland, after spending 7 years away in other parts of the world. When she returns, she meets a young lady telling her to stay away from the town. Ignoring her, Alice sets off to explore the town.

In the town she discovers a murder story about the town, where a man named 5 murdered people in Oaksland. Alice tries to escape the town, only to dicover the bloody gates to enter and exit the town locked. 

Alice starts to gather supplies to survive in the town only to discover clues as to who the murderer is. The murderer is on the loose, hunting down Alice as she tries to survive in the town.

Further on in the story, Alice finds the murderer and confronts him, to find out that the murderer is her father, Fivers Reinfield. Fivers explains that her mother died a few years back while she was gone and that he had to make a living. He ended up being a serial killer, killing people and taking their belongings to sell. He then decides to kill Alice.

A epic chase happens, and Alice is left fighting with Fivers to see who will survive. The game now focuses on killing Fivers before he hills you. Once this is accomplished, there is one of 2 endings, depending on what you did during the game.

The first game sees Alice crouching next to her father. She then says "Good riddance" and walks away. The second ending sees Alice in a room, crying because she murdered her own father. She then shoots herself.


Weapons in What Have You Done.
Knife Knife q1 The knife has good damage but limited range.
Gun L side-1800 The gun is very rare to find, but when it is found it can be used effectively against enemies.
Tazor Police issue X26 TASER-white A police-issue tazor.
DLC weapons
DLC weapons
DLC weapons

ReviewsEdit - This game is very well made, and i am looking forward to SomeDudeProductions' next game.

OXM - This game could be better then The Last of Us.