This game has been abandoned by CouyZDX in favor of newer fangames.

Pokémon Nature and Pokémon Glacier are a pair of Pokémon fangames created by CouyZ.


See Gameplay of Pokémon.

There's some changes to the gameplay.

  1. You can play as both your trainer and your rival at the same time like in the LEGO games.
  2. You can now jump.
  3. The battle system is now sidescrolling.
  4. The music is now in house, techno and dubstep.


Six new types of Pokémon, Light, Cosmic, Sound, Beast, Virus and Techno.

  1. Anteaf (Grass)
  2. Marsupin (Grass/Bug)
  3. Marsupisect (Grass/Bug)
  4. Goachar (Fire)
  5. Goatorch (Fire/Steel)
  6. Chartorch (Fire/Steel)
  7. Salafrog (Water)
  8. Salacroak (Water/Poison)
  9. Noxycroak (Water/Poison)
  10. Foxtric (Electric)
  11. Fennectric (Electric/Fighting)
  12. Fennethunder (Electric/Fighting)
  13. Tigrunt (Beast)
  14. Roball (Techno)
  15. Naturak (Virus/Grass)
  16. Glacierak (Virus/Ice)

More coming soon!


  • Unnamed Male Trainer: Wears a cyan shirt, a black short-sleeved jacket, purple/blue pants and black sneakers with silver socks underneath. He also wears green gloves. His hair is lime dime. If chosen female, then he's your rival. He also has a blue hat.
  • Unnamed Female Trainer: Wears a red shirt, a white short-sleeved jacket, pink/green pants and white flip-flops with no socks. Her hair is purple/blue blend. If chosen male, then she's your rival. She also has a red hat.
  • Custom Trainer: In the trainer selection menu, there's a slot for custom trainers.
  • Unnamed Professor


  • This Pokémon game is the second altered version of Pokémon Sunburn and Frostbite. First being Plus & Minus.
  • CouyZ ran out of ideas when he started working on this pair of games.