Paper Sonic is a 2001 action packed fast-paced turn-based RPG. It is Amazing Games' first game. The game was released on the Dreamcast and the Gamecube.

In E3 2012, it was announced that it would be released on Wii U's virtual console.

In the game, Dr. Robotnik steals the 7 Chaos Emeralds and captures the Chaos Elders and Sonic's friends. So Sonic sets out to save the world once again, with a few friends too!


From the instruction manual...

Story: The Adventure Begins

Far, far away, the Chaos Elders guard the 7 emeralds while Knuckles guards the Master Emerald. It was very peaceful...

Until one day, the horrible Robotnik stole the 7 Emeralds and kidnapped the elders! He then kidnapped the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog's friends.

Our hero,Sonic gets an invitation to Amy's party, but he didn't know that an amazing adventure laid ahead.

Battle SystemEdit

The Battle System is reminiscent of Paper Mario. Every time Sonic levels up he can upgrade his HP (Heart Points), his Chaos Power (Special Attack Power), and Sticker Points (Similar to Badge Points). Sonic can level up to Level 30, and his partners can go up to Level 10.

Instead of Jump, Sonic homing attacks. And instead of Hammer, Sonic uses Spin Dash.


Kid PP: A young Egg Pawn who learned what Eggman's true intentions were and had a "malfunction", which gave him a heart. He was originally living with his foster parents, Mary and Gruffy Hedgehog. He joins Sonic first. He uses Scan in the overworld.


Sword Slice: A single slash which usually causes 2 damage.

Scan: Similar to Tattle.

Blaster Barrage: A quick flurry of Blaster Bullets. Can cause up to 10 damage. Costs 5 Chaos Power.

Bazooka Barrage: A quick flurry of Bazooka bullets. Can cause up to 20 damage. Costs 10 Chaos Power.

Bunnyette: A girl rabbit that seeks adventure. Her ability is to hop to far away blocks or switches.


Hop: Similar to jump,and has the same action command.

Shockwave Hop: Makes all enemies dizzy for 2 turns. Costs 3 Chaos Power.

Aerial Takedown: Does a continous jump on all airborn enemies. Costs 6 Chaos Power.

Brave Boost: Boosts attack power by 3 for 3 turns. Costs 6 Chaos Power.

Tails: Sonic's best friend who was kidnapped by Cyborgorilla. He can help Sonic fly over obstacles.


Wrench Whack: Tails whacks the enemy with a wrench.

Tails's Flight: Attacks all airborne enemies. Costs 6 Chaos Power.

Tail Lift: Takes away all enemies. Costs 6 Chaos Power.

Tornado Bombs: Tails flys all around in his Tornado,and bombs everyone,causing massive damage. Costs 10 Chaos Power.