This is the wiki page for the company, and not the game console. Illusion Box was a company created in the golden age of arcades ( in 1979) as it's own company with the release of RocketJet, an arcade game in 1979. Over the years, some things have changed. The current mascot is Eag the Eagle.


Creator Bill Hirio created the first game, RocketJet in arcades, and the company became successful


RocketJet: ."RocketJet(1979) Arcade" ."RocketJet Mega(1980) Arcade." .RocketJet Super(1983) Arcade." .Rocket Tales(1985) NES." .Super Homing Missile(1991) SNES." .Rocket Fight(1995) PS." .Bomber(1999) PS N64." .RocketJet Ultra Remake(2000) PS2." .RocketJet Collection (2002) PS2 GC XBOX." .RocketJet Oasis (2005) PC DS. .RocketJet Ground Zero(2007) PS3 PC XB360." .RocketJet Wii Collection(2008) Wii WiiU." .RocketJet SpaceRace(2010) Wii PS3 XB360 PC iOS." .RocketJet Oasis 2(2011) PS3 XB360 Wii." .RocketJet Heavy Metal(2012) PS3." .RocketJet SpaceRace 2222(2013) XB360 PC." .RocketJet Unknown(working title)( TBA ) TBA."

Larry Larvae." .Larry Larvae(1982)Arcade." .Larry's on a console!(1986) NES SEGA MS." .Larry's in 3-D!(1997) N64." Larry Returns!(2003) GC." Larry HD(2011) PS3."

Eag: "Eag(1992)IB"Eag 2(1994)IB"Eag 3(1995) IB"Eag 4(1998) IB 3-D"Eag Racing(1999)IB 3-D"Eag Party(2000) IB 3-D"Eag 5(2004)IB 4-D"Ea6(2006)IBN"Eag 7(2008)IBN"RE-Eag(2010)"Eag ParodTV(2011)IBN"Eag 9(2013)IBN IBP"Eag 9: The Rock(2013)IBP"Eag 9:The DLC(2013)IBN"Eag & Illusion Box Crossover Battles(2014)IBN"