Grand Theft Auto: Lego City
GTA Lego City
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Nintendo DS
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Portable
Xbox 360
Mobile Phones
Mode(s) Single-player


Rating(s) ACB: MA15+ (uncut and cut)
BBFC: 18
GRB: 18
PEGI: 18+
USK: 18
Media/distribution DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Wii Optical Disc, Universal Media Disc, Cloud Computing
Distributor(s) Rockstar Games
Publisher(s) WBIE
Developer(s) KM Games
Writer(s) John the Marksman

Grand Theft Auto: Lego City is an action-adventure video game, created for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, OS X, and the Nintendo Wii. The game is based off of the third-person shooter series Grand Theft Auto. It was developed by KM Games and published by Warner Bros., who also handled marketing and financial aspects of the game.


Grand Theft Auto: Lego City takes place in Lego City, a fictional state located in the east coast of the United States of Legoland. Lego City is primarily depicted as a large city with a sizable population (over 8 million), featuring a complete transportation infrastructure of roads and railways, airports, and elevated trains, and is located on a geographical configuration of shorelines and islands. The city has been described as one suffering from crime and corruption, with the presence of organized crime, feuding street gangs, petty criminals, and rampant misconduct and corruption among city officials and law enforcement. Parts of Lego City have also suffered major damage and loss from bombings, which are depicted as being orchestrated by local criminals. Some of these damages, however, have been repaired or resulted in complete redevelopment of an entire area.


Playable Non-Playable
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The Mobster The Lumberjack The Businessman The Butcher The Detectives The Cops The Juggernauts




Cost Image Description
Cannot buy; mandatorily given Severed-lego-hand Unarmed, the player is able to dodge attacks, disarm opponents, and perform ground punches and kicks, lefts and rights, and uppercuts and jabs. Moves can be strung together to create a combo. On some occasions, the player can perform "stun" hits. Fighting unarmed is the best way to fight someone without killing them, something that can be important in several missions.

Boker Magnum Bowie KnifeEdit

Cost Image Description
$50.25 A17-BR01334 The polished 440 stainless steel clip point blade can handle a wide variety of cutting chores. The black wood handle provides a firm and secure grip with its deep finger grooves. Even working with the edge upwards, this handle shows outstanding ergonomics. Includes a black leather sheath with a sharpening stone in the front pocket.

Blackhawk BHB30 Assisted OpeningEdit

Cost Image Description
$167.95 Products4382-474x479-361380 A spring in the handle gains mechanical advantage and quickly snaps the blade to the fully opened position. There the blade is locked securely in place with a stout 420J stainless steel liner-lock locking mechanism. The injection-molded nylon handle scales feature a distinctive "tiger stripe" texture pattern for a superior grip, and the extended handle shape provides both leverage and focused impact-weapon potential. Speed, style, and exceptional function - the BHB30 has it all.

Metal Major League Baseball BatEdit

Cost Image Description
$149.99 Easton The Metal Major League Baseball Bat can be useful when the player doesn't want to draw attention to themselves, since it is considered a "silent" weapon, though less so than the knife. The bat is a superior weapon against an unprotected opponent to the knife, as it will often knock them down them in one or two blows rendering them defenseless.

SOG F01T-NCP Fusion Tactical TomahawkEdit

Cost Image Description
$41.88 21IZaPR0-PL. SL500 AA300 Versatile tool used for breaching operations.

Dogyu 745-2060 280mm Cat's PawEdit

Cost Image Description
$27.85 31Jlgj85neL. SL500 AA300 A "tool" consisting of a metal bar with a single curved end and flattened points, often with a small fissure on one or both ends for removing nails. Made of medium-carbon steel, they can alternatively be made from titanium, which has the advantages of being lighter and nonmagnetic.

Brass KnucklesEdit

Cost Image Description
$139.95 5746 Brass knuckles add an extreme wallop to your punch. They make your fist rock solid, it won't take much more than a single punch to get your desired results. When striking with brass knuckles, the best places to hit are hard places, i.e. the outside of the forearm, elbows, knees, shins and the head. Hitting someone in the stomach with them is not using them to their full effectiveness. A hard enough hit to the skull, sternum, or spine can cause severe injury, if not death. It is for this reason that brass knuckles are considered to be one of the most effective hand-to-hand weapons that exists to date.


Glock 22Edit

Cost Image Description
$550.00 500px-Glock22 67903 zoom With its polymer frame and simple, internal striker-fired mechanism, the Glock series of pistols is both lightweight and extremely durable. It is the standard pistol for most of the game, and it is the standard sidearm of all law enforcement agencies in Lego City. It has a decent range when shooting, and has about 3 to 5 shots to kill someone when shooting normally.

Desert Eagle Mark XIXEdit

Cost Image Description
$1,350.00 400px-Desert-Eagle The Desert Eagle Pistol is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a rotating bolt for positive lock-up. The barrel is locked in place, assuring a high degree of accuracy. Maximum effective range with the standard 6-inch barrel is 200 meters (650 ft.). The polygonal rifling reduces barrel wear and enhances the obturation between the bullet and the bore, thus increasing accuracy. Anatomically formed grip, ideal hand seating angle and comfortable grip dimensions permit rapid, accurate, instinctive shooting. The combat-type trigger guard is designed for two-handed shooting.

Gold Desert EagleEdit

Cost Image Description
$2,150.00 Desert eagle gold Stylish look, faster firing, faster reloading rate, and increased size of ammo.

Walther P99Edit

Cost Image Description
$589.99 300px-Walther P99 9x19mm Uses an internal striker, as opposed to an external hammer, with a red-painted striker tip that protrudes from rear of the slide when the gun is cocked, as well as a chamber loaded indicator on the right side of the slide. Includes a decocking button, four internal safeties, tool-less takedown, accessory rail, and sights adjustable for both windage and elevation. Also features interchangeable grip backstraps of varying sizes for different users, and an ambidextrous magazine release incorporated into the trigger guard.


Ithaca 37 StakeoutEdit

Cost Image Description
$450.00 M37stakeout The Stakeout is a pump-action shotgun made in large numbers for the civilian, military, and police markets. The pistol grip and shorter overall length makes it perfect for home defense and law enforcement. It is more powerful than the Combat Shotgun due to its short barrel and wide field of fire, but can't shoot as fast or as far to compensate, making the weapon best suited for close-quarters combat. The weapon's design suggests that its tube magazine should only hold 4 rounds.

Winchester Model 1901Edit

Cost Image Description
$1,300.00 1901 The Winchester Model 1901 is basically the same design as the Model 1887, but features a newer alloy steel, specifically designed for the new smokeless powders. Offered in 10-Gauge only, and a blued receiver frame only.

Assault riflesEdit


Cost Image Description
$1,850.00 Ak47 1 Firing the 7.62×39mm cartridge, the AK-47 produces significant wounding effects if the projectile tumbles and fragments in tissue; but it produces relatively minor wounds when the projectile exits the body before beginning to yaw or does not yaw or fragment. Includes compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet. Comes with two 30 rd. double stack mags. and side mounted scope rail.

Heckler & Koch HK416Edit

Cost Image Description
$578.95 HK416 Using the HK-proprietary gas piston system found on the G36, the HK416 does not introduce propellant gases and carbon fouling back into the weapon's interior, making it the most reliable of any M4/M16 type weapon. The HK-proprietary gas system uses a piston driving an operating rod to control the function of the bolt, preventing propellant gases and the associated carbon fouling from entering the weapon’s interior. This increases the reliability of the weapon and extends the interval between stoppages. It also reduces operator cleaning time, heat transfer to the bolt and bolt carrier, and wear and tear on critical components.