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Dark Beta: The Light of Death
Release date(s) WW July 13, 2014
Genre(s) Hack and Slash
Platform(s) Playstation
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Media/distribution Optical disc
Publisher(s) Shouterbox Studios
Developer(s) Skipper Games
Writer(s) John Leagsdurg and Michael Wildshill
Dark Beta: The Light of Death is a dark-themed hack n slash video game developed by Skipper Games and published by Shouterbox Studios. This game is available only on Playstation 3.


The BeginningEdit

In the year 82XX, robots from the dark future began to destroy everything using a powerful deadly light source named Dark Beta, which Galaxium ordered them to rule the light future. No one is a good hero and then everything gets destroyed, especially some people are killed. Thus causing an armageddon in the world. In a dark oil sea, a woman dressed in black rises in the sea named Arian, a young maiden which is a leader of the oil sea which has superhero powers. She notices the light future that has been destroyed by robots and she sees some. She prepares to go in the city and prepares to destroy them.



The playable character and the protagonist. She is a black maiden leader raisen from the sea which she's a protector. She hates water being spilled over the sea.