Bob The Marshmellow 2
Release date(s) June 1, 1999
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Platform(s) Nintendo 64


Mode(s) Story, Co-Op
Rating(s) E (ESRB)

3 (ELSPA) 3 (PEGI) G8 (ACB) A (CERO)

Publisher(s) 4th Dimension Company
Developer(s) 4th Dimension Company
Writer(s) IAmBagel
Bob The Marshmallow 2 is an action-adventure platformer video game created for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. The game was developed and published by 4th Dimension Company. The game was released on June 1, 1999.


Taking place 2 years after Bob The Marshmallow, Bob and his friends are teleported to a different dimension by Professor Nons, who is Professor Hans's brother who wants revenge on Bob and his friends after they "destroyed" his brother's plans. Now Bob and his friends must escape from the dimension.

Gameplay TBA


World 1: TempleEdit

1: Temple Enterance

2: The Inside

3: Boobytrapped

4: Locked

World 2: Viva Las VegasEdit

5: Money, Money

6: Casio City

7: Desert Dingos

8: The Plains

World 3: PolarEdit



1: Indiana Bones: A adventurer, who is a parody of Indiana Jones. He will try to capture you with his rope. He will stop for about 10 seconds. Then attack.

2: Dingo Dan: TBA