10 is a video game developed by Chrome Studios, and distributed by Phone. (NOTE: This is just a game and has no connection to real life events or privacy)


10 is a man who is always called a loser by 1 and 2, and his only friend is 0, who is also a loser.

10 then leaves the school after 0 leaves school and plays truant. 10 then tries to get 0 back in school until 0 hits a pole and gets knocked out.

0 is shown in the hospital with a bandaid on his face. 10 then visits 0 and brings him a cup of water and cheese, 0's favorite food. 0 then rips apart his cheese and puts the pieces in the water, and he drinks it, choking on a piece of cheese.

10 is disgusted by the combination, and begins to leave the hospital. 0 is still choking, as 0 finally gets the cheese out of his mouth.

You then play as 10, leaving the hospital, and meets 1 and 2. You then walk away from 1 and 2, and you hide from 1 and 2. 0 then catches up with 10, and tells him the good news that he stopped choking. 1 and 2 then chase after 0, as 0 hides in various locations.

The rest of the game is just random levels including escaping from 1 and 2. The ending cutscene is 10 realizing who he really is, and combines with 0 to make 100.